Hello there, Beautiful! We're Margaret & Tuesday, the sister-sister craft duo behind MuggyTuesday. Thanks for stopping by!

Photo by TK Photography

Photo by TK Photography

We love color, texture, and working with our hands. We've created two distinct lines of jewelry united by their color palette, use of fiber, and design features. Not just meant to be seen, our jewelry invites your touch for the full experience. Yes, we made that!

Margaret has the magic hands that crochet each and every motif we use. Her thread crochet jumps off of traditional designs and shrinks them down to be used in jewelry. Tuesday takes over from there to treat the crochet to its finishing steps and then incorporate it into our jewelry designs.

Our felt and recycled glass jewelry is a delicious mix of textures. We start with felted Merino wool and with some designs, add in coordinating recycled glass for weight and contrast. It's fun, bold, and reminds us of candy!

With all of our designs, we strive to make conscious choices in materials and methods for making unique, eco-friendly, and sustainable work. We're inspired by the natural world and hope to add a little more joy to our surroundings.